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Let’s pass the Missouri Promise constitutional amendment,
and give Missourians a taxpayer bill of rights

Let’s work together to cut taxes, inefficient government and waste.

MO Tax Relief has been very successful by partnering with Representatives and Senators to get Missourians real tax relief. Together, we’ve gotten bills passed that freeze seniors’ property taxes and exempt Social Security income and private pension income from state income tax.

Now, MO Tax Relief Now and our colleagues in the state Legislature are focusing on getting real tax relief for all Missourians. We want to pass a constitutional amendment in 2025 called the Missouri Promise. The Missouri Promise will give citizens the power to determine how large the state budget grows, and which new taxes are enacted. If Missouri collects too much revenue in a given year, taxpayers will receive a tax rebate.

Insist your State Representative and State Senator sign the MO Tax Relief Now pledge to vote for the Missouri Promise bills that will be introduced in 2025. The House and Senate will each have a version of the bill that will put the Missouri Promise up for a vote of the people to change the Missouri Constitution in November 2025 so it is implemented in 2026.

When you join our team, you will receive regular email updates, usually weekly, about bills we are sponsoring and supporting and the actions you, and the rest of our team, need to take. The calls, emails and visits to Jefferson City we make are the necessary actions that get our bills passed through committees, so they can be voted on the floor of both houses.


Join our team today!

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