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Establish a taxpayer bill of rights in the Missouri Constitution, which will: 

  • Limit the amount of revenue government can retain and spend. Missouri will return excess revenue to the taxpayers. 

  • Require voter approval for ALL tax increases at the state and local levels.

  • Require voter approval to authorize the amount of money the government is allowed to spend.

  • Pledge to support Missouri income tax cuts that are offset with revenue growth and spending cuts


MO Tax Relief Now’s goal is to get our state government working for citizen and small business taxpayers, not government agencies, local governments, lobbyists and developers. MO Tax Relief Now is focused on citizens who wake up every morning, take care of their family, and go to work to support their families, and pay taxes for essential government services not gaudy pensions or tax subsidies for billionaires and massive corporations. 


Everyday taxpayers have been overlooked as the amount of their money that goes to federal, state and local taxes have grown to outrageous proportions of their income. Essential government services have been outpaced by lobbyists who write legislation to preserve tax subsidies and tax breaks, while everyday taxpayers are left in the dust—forgotten. It’s time to put taxpayers first. We need to pass the Missouri Promise!

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