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Man Shopping for Groceries


Kitchen table issues we support in 2024

MO Tax Relief Now focuses on tax cuts we call "kitchen table" issues. You know what we're talking about. When your property taxes and the cost of living goes up faster than your check, you're talking about it at the kitchen table to figure out how to cut back on your spending. Government and the taxing authorities need to cut back their spending, just like our families cut back on our expenses.


When grocery prices rise 25%, 

your sales taxes rise 25% too!


The legislative session starts January 3, 2024. We are working with Senator Mary Elizabeth Coleman, 22, Jefferson County, and Representative Ben Keathley, 101, to stop Missouri and local taxing authorities from assessing sales taxes on necessary groceries. Coleman's bill failed last year. Keathley will file the same bill in the House as Coleman's bill SB 1062. The bill exempts all sales taxes from foods that qualify for food stamps (SNAP). Missouri is one of only 13 states who still charge sales taxes on groceries. It's time to stop taxing food. We support these bills.


Price of groceries has gone up 25% between January 2020 and October 2023*

*Bloomberg Economics and Businessweek, Pikert, Haque, November 27, 2023


When egg prices go up 250%*,

your sales tax go up 250%.

*Federal Bank of St. Louis, March 2023


When the price of milk goes up 20%*,

your sales tax go up 20%.

*Federal Bank of St. Louis, March 2023


When the price of bread goes up 30%*,

your sales tax go up 30%.

*Federal Bank of St. Louis, March 2023


Missouri charges 1.225% and local sales taxes can exceed 8%*

*Kiplinger, Washington, October 30, 2023 


More kitchen table bills we are supporting in 2024.


Representative Ben Keathley, 101, St. Louis County, and Senator Tony Luetkemeyer, 34, Buchanan and Platte, are introducing bills to clarify SB 190 to stop counties from limiting the impact of the senior property tax freeze. We support them. Greene, Jackson, St. Louis County and St. Louis City have interpreted SB 190 so narrowly that not all seniors qualify. This is mockery of the bill that was passed to give property tax relief to ALL seniors.


We are also studying other bills that impact a family's general welfare like: personal property taxes, property taxes, transparent property appraisals, city earnings taxes, income taxes, TIFs, tax abatements, and the circuit breaker.

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